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At Fence and Deck Pros of South Texas, we specialize in providing affordable and high-quality privacy fence installation, repair, and maintenance services in San Antonio, TX. Whether you need a new fence project for your backyard, a replacement for an old one, or expert upkeep for your existing fence, our team of skilled contractors is here to meet all your needs. With a variety of styles and materials, including wooden and vinyl options, we ensure that your property’s security, privacy, and aesthetics are enhanced to perfection.

Custom Privacy Fence Installation

Our company excels in designing, building and construction of custom privacy fences to suit your specific needs and tastes. Our privacy fence contractors work closely with residential homeowners and businesses to create unique fencing solutions that offer both protection and aesthetic appeal. We offer a wide range of materials, including:

Wooden Privacy Fences: Traditional and durable, wooden fences provide a classic look that can be customized with different heights, styles, and finishes.

Vinyl Privacy Fences: Low-maintenance and long-lasting, vinyl fences are available in various colors and designs, offering a modern and clean appearance.

Decorative Privacy Lattice and Panels: Enhance the look of your outdoor space with decorative, expandable and temporary panels that add a touch of elegance to your property.

Our privacy fence installation services ensure that your fence is constructed with precision and care, providing you with a durable and secure barrier that enhancement of  both privacy and security.

Expert Privacy Fence Repair and Maintenance

Maintaining the integrity of your privacy fence is crucial for its longevity and performance. Our team offers comprehensive repair and maintenance services to keep your fence in top condition. From fixing damaged panels and gates to routine upkeep, we handle it all. Our services include:

Privacy Fence Repair: We address any issues with your fence, whether it’s a broken panel, a loose post, or damage caused by weather conditions. Our experts ensure that your fence is restored to its original state.

Regular Maintenance: Preventive maintenance is key to extending the lifespan of your privacy fence near me. We offer scheduled maintenance services to check for wear and tear, clean the fence, and apply necessary treatments to protect it from the elements.

Consultation and Free Estimates

Choosing the right privacy fence company can be overwhelming with so many options available. Our company provides personalized consultation services to help you make an informed decision. We take the time to understand your requirements, preferences, and budget to recommend the best fencing solutions for your property. Additionally, we offer free estimates and quotes for all our services, ensuring transparency and affordability.

Why Choose Fence and Deck Pros of South Texas?

Choose Fence and Deck Pros of South Texas for local expertise,cheap and affordable cost solutions, high-quality materials, and professional craftsmanship. As a local company, we offer our fencing options to withstand San Antonio’s unique climate and conditions, ensuring durability and protection. Our competitive pricing provides the best value without compromising quality. Our experienced contractors deliver superior craftsmanship with meticulous attention to detail, using only the finest materials for aesthetically appealing and long-lasting privacy fences.

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